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Joseph Rohrman: Digital Artist/Mechanical Drafter - Seabrook, Texas 77586 Contact by email - jojocharles89@yahoo.com

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Welcome to my Home page!

For a resume' or phone number request it by email at


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I am trained in various 2D & 3D software programs...

...as well as traditional drawing and painting techniques!

cable tray plan Equipment Location Plan
One Line Diagram Schematic Schematic 2 Power Plan
3ds Max LOGO Reactor Toy 3 Motor bikes
grapes Living Room Motor Engine
Inventor Logo test2 test2 3D model bracket assembly
Creo Logo team 2 assembly wheel team 1 and 2 assembly
SolidWorks Logo rear arm suspension pivot assembly 4 pieces of C ring
Revit Logo Home Elevation Home front page Door Legend

Drafting Areas of Specialized Training:

ARCE 1421 Architectural Drafting
DFTG 2407 Electrical Drafting
DFTG 2402 Machine Drafting
DFTG 1495 Special Topics – SolidWorks
DFTG 1445 Parametric Modeling – Inventor
DFTG 1305 Technical Drafting
DFTG 1409 Basic Computer-Aided Drafting
DFTG 2338 Final Project – Advanced Drafting
DFTG 2417 Descriptive Geometry
DFTG 2435 Advanced Technology in Mechanical Drafting
DFTG 2408 Instrumentation Drafting (Fall 2015)
DFTG 2440 Solid Modeling/Design - (Fall 2015)